Call for Abstracts


Before downloading, be sure to read the abstract guidelines first.
You can download the template on this link
Before submitting, please rename the template to Abstract Submission – *Your Full Name*.
Example: Abstract Submission – John Doe.


Submit Abstracts


Presentation Time (Both oral and poster presenters)

10 minutes (7 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for discussion and questions).

Disclosure Statement

For Oral presenters
We request you to include your disclosure statement as your 2nd slide in your presentation.
For Poster presenters
We would like you to add your disclosure statement on the lower right corner of the poster or at the end of your slide.

Required Registration of Presenting Author

Every presenting author that is offered an oral or a poster presentation is required to register for the congress and pay the registration fee. Please contact if you have questions or concerns regarding your presentation.

Instructions for Poster preparation

Presentation number (H20cm × W20cm):

Congress Secretariat will prepare and pre-set on each panel.

A label (H20cm × W70cm):

Please prepare a label showing the title, institution and the speaker’s name.

Abstract body (H160cm x W90cm):

Please summarize your abstract within the size mentioned.

If the first author is not able to attend the conference, then a co-author will be able to represent on your behalf. You will only need to contact the congress secretariat ( if none of the authors are able to attend the conference to present the poster.

Guided Poster Tours

  • Guided Poster Tours will take place on July 14 and 15.
  • Each tour will be led by a chairperson. The presenting author will need to be present by their poster during the time of their presentation.
  • Each poster tour will have a maximum of 4 posters to be presented.

Contact Information

Send related correspondence and questions regarding abstract submissions or notifications to